Let’s see how many divorces, how many single people – all this speaks of a lack of closeness. Now it is dictated fashion to be very strong, successful, ambitious, energetic, individualistic. While people still have a need to be close, they put on a mask and travel the world, being able to establish close ties and that it weakens.
“Different forms of technology mean that we may feel close to a lot of people but how superficial is the new social order we are creating for ourselves?

“How many friends on Facebook would we actually recognise if we passed them in the street?” (By John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor)

There are a number of studies that the close relationship strengthens the immune system, prolongs life, helps prevent depression, anxiety, stress. One study showed that the probability of a smoker man has short lived one and a half times, and a non-smoker, but lonely – twice.




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