The mirror

There are times in life when things fall apart, when we lose something deeply important, that could  get in ourselves some news. There are times in life of bad things, bad feelings, bad words, worries … .
I usually was saying: to understand your self you must to look at other people, they are your mirror.
Now, it is about myself: I was  either unwilling, or unable, to grasp, that other people reflect me. My emotions, my  traits, and my feelings are reflected back at me from other people. I am ignoring the correct interpretation of reflection from others.
The types of behavior that i don’t like in others – get myself to be: including anger, gossiping, whining and complaining, criticizing, acting like a martyr… Each of these behaviors can easily be one in which I am complicit and acting out myself. It’s likely the mirror is telling me that it’s time for me to learn a lesson and put a STOP to my own negative behavior.SONY DSC

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